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Creating better food outcomes

We are on a mission to tackle one of the most significant social challenges of our generation, feeding the world, while improving the quality and safety of our food by leveraging technology innovation and human compassion.

Empowering growth


Connect a rural world underserved with communications capabilities.


Empower all parties by digitizing key information.


Exchange digitized information to help all parties operate more efficiently.

Bridging information gaps for better results

We are making a commitment to everyone from seed growers to grocers to create a better flow of information across the food system.


Connected solutions for farm management, optimized profitability, increased efficiency and insights.

Agri-Food, Consumer Goods & Retail

Data-driven technology for improved efficiency, visibility, agility and responsiveness.

Weather station with software on multiple devices

Weather Stations

Know what’s happening in your fields

Connected solutions for farm management, optimized profitability, increased efficiency and insights.

A tablet showing a satellite image of a farm with a graph showcasing different field types and a desktop showing graphs related to crop yields.

Imaging and analytics

Actionable intelligence at key moments

Identify potential crop issues, prevent disease risk and optimize input applications.


Breaking down data silos

Learn how TELUS Health linked together Canada's health ecosystem to improve healthcare services.

Promoting data transparency

Learn how TELUS protects your privacy and promotes the responsible use of data for informed decisions.

Building greater connectivity

Learn about TELUS' commitment to improving rural connectivity.

Security camera and tablet showing security footage of a farm

TELUS Custom Security Systems

The security of knowing that your most important assets are protected

Connected systems to guard your premises, secure your operations, protect your people and equipment.

Stay in the know

Keep up to date with the latest news about TELUS Agriculture